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by Leo Wellmar

Text for de catalogue "Northern Light", 2002

Making reference to the Northern Light, and furthermore as guiding symbol towards one´s feelings, there exists a fascinating relationship between the light that envelopes the northern landscapes and the mystery it evokes.

The continous presence of an overwhelming nature, like the strong contrasts of seasonal colours and atmospheres, and the accessory of light depending on each stage, becomes complete. An authentic explosion of shades and elements, and, personally, a paradise as a manner of expression. It is the perfect scene to leave your emotions wide open, letting the acquired sensations take form through their own light, without visible limits between reality and imagination, reaching, like a moment trapped in time, to form part of the same mistery. Light between mist and fog that first becomes blurred and later hides altogether. Light that reveals, cold and shining. Light that purifies and accentuates, humid and fresh. Light that enfolds, tenous and pale. Light which helps us to find the way back, warm and intimate, like candlelight by a window.

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